Iron Window Well Grates

Covering open window wells are one of the first steps homeowners take to add safety and security to their home. Open window wells can pose a fall hazard for children, pets and adults. They are also a vulnerable area for break-ins, as they provide a point of entry that cannot be easily seen by neighbors or patrol cars. Also, window well grates will keep animals such as rabbits from falling in, as well as keep out trash and debris. Another tip, is to check with your homeowners insurance to see if having window well grates help lower your premium.

Colorado Custom Iron Works specializes in the steel mesh style window well grates. They are custom made for every single window well to ensure a great fit. We also powder coat them for a long lasting and durable finish. We also offer options such as security latches, hatch doors, solid borders, ladders and custom designs.

There are other options for window well covers such as the plastic style ones, but why would you want steel mesh covers or grates vs. the plastic or polycarbonate window well covers. First, and most importantly, the solid cover prevents airflow from entering the rooms in the basement. This basically takes away the advantage that having the windows to your basement provide in the first place. The solid covers also lead to greenhouse like conditions within the window well, promoting heat and moisture build up that can lead to weed growth, rusting of the wells, and a nice place for spiders and pests to call home. Second, steel window well covers are stronger for walking across and provide more security against break-ins when optioned with the security latches. Next, you have the choice of powder coated finishes for the steel window well grates. This allows you to better match the color of your house or patio furniture. Another benefit of our window well grates, is that we custom make them to fit inside the opening of the window well, rather than mass producing them by making them oversized to fit on top.  Last, all plastic window well covers will eventually discolor, just like headlights on an older car (even the UV coating will eventually wear off).

If you are in the market for window well covers, give us a call today at 720-851-7676 to set up an estimate or enquiring about any specials. We can also give estimated pricing over the if you have the dimensions of the opening handy. For most window wells  grates, if you can provide us the width of the well at the house, and the projection at it furthest point away from the house, we can give you very close pricing over the phone. Also, check out our gallery for examples for our work. We hope to hear from you soon.

Iron window well grates