CCI Security Storm Doors… Custom Designed for You

Inspired by old world master craftsmen, the enduring charm of intricate ornamental patterns is enhanced with modern, energy saving, insulating materials, and combined with effective burglar deterrent locking systems to produce a truly fine steel security storm door. Each door is hand crafted by skilled professionals to provide these essential benefits:

Protection… Increased security for your home and family

Decoration… A beautiful way to feel more secure

Insulation… Locks out harsh weather & locks in comfort

Ventilation… Enjoy fresh air and sunshine more safely.

Standard Features:

Custom Built: Each door is custom built to insure a proper fit. Your door will be built to your specifications to fit your home.

Door Frames: The heavy 16 gauge steel frame is professionally welded with mitered corners… sanded and polished to provide smooth, long lasting security.

Jambs: Your existing door frame is reinforced with metal jambs, completely stripped to provide maximum protection from drafts, dust, and noise.

Expander: Adjustable double vinyl sweeps assure a snug threshold seal.

Hinges: Forged steel hinges give maximum no sag support. A positive vault bolt interlock behind the hinge, gives added protection (even if the hinges are removed).

Glass/Screen: Completely weatherstripped safety tempered glass panels are easily exchanged with screens to enjoy mild temperatures without sacrificing security.

Decorative Castings: Decorative alloy castings offer an endless variety of patters and styles.

Pneumatic Closer With Wind Chain: The closer may be easily adjusted to change closing speed and is equipped with a convenient hold open clip. The accompanying wind chain helps protect against damage caused by strong wind gusts.

Locking Systems: A wide variety of locks are offered to satisfy your individual needs and preference. Polished or antique brass, knobs, or lever handles.. elegant looks with rugged performance.

Pre-Paint Metal Prep: Each door is chemically cleaned, then etched with an Iron Phosphate solution to provide a superior bonding surface for the high tech powder coat finish.

Powder Coat Finish: A luxurious, long lasting finish is yours, with this advanced technology. Highly resistant to fading, chipping, or scratching; this state-of-the-art polyester urethane finish offers excellent protection against nature’s harsh elements or normal household solvents and cleaning agents.

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